Ilijas will soon get a modern Market Place?

January 4, 2018 2:00 PM

Sellers in the Ilijas market place will get much better working conditions in the spring. Namely, it is planned for that period to release a new modern city market place at the Banovac area, which will provide them a comfortable and nice space for work. Moreover, citizens from this area will be given the place where they will be able to buy quality and healthy products, domestically grown, such as dairy products, meat, and fruits and vegetables. Mayor of the Municipality, Akif Fazlic, states that the construction of this facility is coming to an end and that only covered part of the market place needs to be completed.

“Our wish was to finish the market place by the end of 2017, but due to the project’s revision and delays in the construction of the covered part, it was not possible to comply and the deadline was prolonged. Anyway, construction works are coming to an end, and after that, the facility will be equipped with refrigerators, showcases and new desks. We are planning to open the market place in spring, “ Fazlic said.

He points out that through this project, an opportunity is given to agricultural producers from this area to get adequate space for work and a place where they can place their own home grown products.

The construction of the market place, which will consist of an opened and closed part, and will cost about 600.000 BAM.




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