Igor Laikert to Represent B&H in Sochi

Igor_LaikertB&H alpine skier Igor Laikert will participate at the Winter Olympic games, which will be held from 7-23 February in Sochi.

Laikert after completion of primary school in Zenica decided to go in Norway, and to pursue his talent in alpine skiing for big competitions. The last result of Kranjske Gore, where he won the first place, shows that he is in a great shape despite the fact that currently has no sponsors and no any support from the country that he represents.

During his carrier, he has achieved many good results in competitions in Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Serbia and B&H.

The norm for winter Olympic games he achieved two years ago, and currently he works on maintaining and improving the shape in competitions. He will represent B&H at the winter Olympic games in Sochi, but his aim is to ski faster than ever, said B&H Olympian for


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