IC Technologies Strengthen Fight against all Forms of Crime

europaBAImprovement of legal basis for the access to and protection of data, development of standard for technical solutions which ensure compatibility of systems and exchange with others, and strengthening support and professional education of IT personnel are the preconditions for more efficient functioning of the information and communication technologies sectors within the law enforcement in BiH. These are, among the others, conclusions of the two-day Conference organised by the EU Support to Law Enforcement Project on the “Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Global Security”, which ended today in Sarajevo.

“The security in digital world is nowadays equally important as in the physical. Therefore, access to data within and beyond the borders is necessary for adequate protection of the citizens and the state itself. Timely exchange of data is of the key importance for a successful protection of security interests, and it is known that the EU member states do not allow for exchange of data with the states which do not have the equal level of data protection standards in place,” said Karl Lesjak, Team Leader.

Regarding the future development of the ICT within the security system in BiH, the participants noted that continuous upgrade of the existing level of professional and effective cooperation between the police and judiciary is needed. With the establishment of the electronic data exchange system of police and prosecutor registries, BiH has formalised the principle of data exchange but needs to become a part of day to day police work.

“IC technologies must become one of the policy priorities while discussing the security at all levels of government in BiH. Further development of this segment requires cooperation, coordination, trust, professional use but also additional investments and systematic enhancements. However, without the right preconditions – from the strategic level over the legal ground to the operational readiness – I am afraid the investments cannot be used to the full potential,” said Brigitte Kuchar, Programme Manager of the EU Delegation to BiH.

Representatives of the EU Support to Law Enforcement Project will deliver the list of conclusions to all relevant stakeholders of the process of strengthening security system in BiH.

(Source: Press Release Delegation of the EU)



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