Ibro Basaric breaking a World Record on bicycling on the last wheel

Ibro Basaric Bisi, a popular bicyclist from Capljina, is aiming to break the world record of cycling on one wheel this year. His goal is to break the world record in cycling at 100 meters this year in Mostar, which currently stands at 12.74 seconds.

Basaric broke the previous record four years ago, but due to rules, his time is not recognized. “At the end of this month, on July 28th, I scored a world record of bicycling on the last wheel of a bike, at a distance of 100 meters, and I set this record in 2013, but it was not recognized because of a failure in the organization of the attempt, but I made a valid time, however the track was not satisfactory.

Here, after four years, I will again try, but the old record has been downgraded in the meantime, and now it is 12.74 seconds,” Bisi told

Bisi’s time will be measured by Mehmed Baždarević, the coach of the football team of BiH.


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