Ibrahim Hadzibajric: We will build an Underground Garage across the City Hall

Ibrahim Had ibajri  radiosarajevo.baIbrahim Hazibajric is the Mayor of the Sarajevo Municipality Stari Grad. The reason for an interview with him is the fact that more than half of the mandate he won at the past local elections in B&H has passed, and Hadzibajric revealed that he is to, despite the opposition, build an underground garage with a multifunctional square across the City Hall, that the largest problem of the Municipality are stray dogs, and how 200.000 BAM were allocated for the scholarships in the past year.

When asked to present the current state in the Municipality, he answered:

‘’With the beginning of the construction season, the realization of larger projects in the Stari Grad has begun, such as the rehabilitation of the Strosici street, for which its inhabitants say that it has not been rehabilitated for over 50 years. The construction of the sports court ‘’Mjedenica’’ is completed, funded by the Foundation Asmir Begovic. Everything is ready for the beginning of the reconstruction of the Bascarsija square which was supposed to start in March, but the works have been prolonged for the beginning of September due to beginning of the tourist season. Just over half of the mandate has passed, there are still many things to be done’’.

He adds that a lot has been done in the first half of his term: during the past two years, about 4 million BAM have been invested in the development of infrastructure, construction of new buildings, and the protection of cultural-historical objects.

“I am generally satisfied with the current situation. Of course, more could always be done, but some things do not depend only on us, but on the other institutions as well”.

‘’In order to address the lack of sports courts, we have rehabilitated numerous courtyards within primary schools, and built a completely new playground Iza gaja, we have also solved the problem of internally displaced ones by constructing a building on Baruthana. As a result of successfully established brotherly relations, the Turkish Municipality Selcukly-Konya built a Balkan Mevlevi-Research Center on Kovaci, worth 1.250.000 BAM. We have also accepted the pioneer project of building the first passive house in our country (on Kovaci), promoting the use of energy from renewable sources.

As a priority in our work, we have also had the resolving of the problems and deficiencies in the daily life of our citizens, such as the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the streets, retaining walls, stairways, construction of sewage and water networks…’’

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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