IBM and HUB 387 presented Possibilities of Information Development

IBM HUB 387Representatives of IBM, one of leading world companies in the world of computing and information technologies, and representatives of the Sarajevo technology park HUB 387, visited yesterday Canton Sarajevo, where they presented the project „SMART CITY“ as a new concept of developing IT platform to the acting Prime Minister of CS, Muhamed Kozadra, and the candidate for the Prime Minister of CS, Elmedin Konakovic.

“Cities size of Sarajevo are optimal for the development and appliance of the concept “SMART CITY“ because they are developing intensively, working at attracting foreign investments and creating educated young people. In addition, the cultural characteristics of Sarajevo are a suitable environment for such projects“, said on that occasion the Chief of the Department of IBM for Central and East Europe, Tamash Vahl.

He emphasized that they want to expand cooperation, as well as to make successful and competitive concept in Sarajevo, that can be an example for other cities later.

He explained that the concept is such that needs the support from local governments and that rises the functioning of the system to a higher and faster level with savings and preservation of environment, and besides that enables and facilitates the development of other industries as well.

“Canton Sarajevo has a multiple interest for the implementation of such concept because it can be of great benefit in the reorganizing and improvement of municipal services. It is at the same time a special tail wind to young, educated and innovative people here“, said Vashi.


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