I.Radojičić answered question on Facebook and Twitter

President of the National Assembly of RS Igor Radojičić spent yesterday an hour answering questions on Facebook and Twitters.

Radojičić said that was the continuation of his job, because his cabinet receives thousands of letters from people, and each letter is answered, and he added that social networks only improve the communication between ordinary people and the National Assembly.

He added that last summer he started his fan page on Facebook, which serves to inform the citizens about his activities, but also enables communication.

“If this hour is successful, I hope that it can become a regular practice. In this way, citizens can ask the President of the Parliament what interest them,” said Radojicic.

According to him, social networks are a still new to RS politicians, while elsewhere they are very popular and are being used for election campaign, etc.

Radojičić said ”A new generation is coming; they use PCs and are slowly becoming active members of the society. The significance of the Internet and social networks will most certainly increase.”

He also warned about the possibility of misusing social networks, so the anonymity of other people can make public people feel uncomfortable.

Radojičić said that on his fan page there were many charity requests, but also existential questions of citizens, while on Twitter there was particularly interesting question related to the removal of business barriers.

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