Hundred New Police Officers to protect BiH’s Border

March 29, 2019 1:00 PM

After 7 months of intensive work, 100 cadets of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Border Police were promoted in “Police Officer” rank on Thursday in Mostar, a city located 130 kilometers southwest of the capital.

During the solemn ceremony, assistant to director of BiH’s Border Police Slobodan Krstic pointed out that 100 police officers are the best ones among 2,000 candidates, adding they should be proud.

Krstic pointed out on the increased number of migrants who are illegally crossing the border and entering the country, adding that newly appointe#md police officers will be in charge of surveillance and border check.

Police officers have undergone 1,336 teaching hours, divided into three teaching phases, including theoretical classes with practical exercises, professional-operational training and situational teaching.

They have gained basic knowledge from the legal group of subjects, and learned about weapon handling, shooting skills, tactics and self-defense techniques.

During the ceremony, it was agreed that police officers have to be just and correct in their actions, respect and appreciate everyone, but work solely in accordance with the domestic and international laws.

Director of Agency for Professional Training Branko Vukoja said that police officers, apart from theoretical knowledge, have to master defense techniques, attacks and usage of firearms.

“A very difficult and demanding job is ahead of the newly appointed police officers,” Vukoja concluded.

In the period from Jan.1 to March 25 this year, 3,323 illegal migrants entered the territory of BiH, was stated on Thursday at BiH’s Council of Ministers regular session.

(Photo: fena)


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