Humanity of Good People in BiH: They organized 29 Religious Trips, made 250 Wells…

April 23, 2017 1:00 PM

water wellA group of enthusiasts from Zenica came in the center of the public attention in recent days after they organized trips to Umrah (religious trip to Makkah) for three people, whose total value amounts to more than 10,000 BAM that they collected in a few days with the help of good people from all over BiH.

This activity implemented by Aldin Kajmakovic, Haris Hecimovic and other good people from Zenica, is just one of many that they realized in the past few months. Kajmakovic said that they planned a trip to Umrah for only one person with the funds in the amount of 3.500 BAM, but good people provided another 7,000 BAM for two more people.

“The idea for this project, which is only one of many of our humanitarian projects that we are realizing, exists for already a year when we gathered eight people who allocated 30 BAM monthly, in order to collect money for a trip to Umrah for one person. We were able to collect funds and we sent one person to Hajj as well,” said Kajmakovic.

Over 1,500 people from all over BiH signed to participate in the draw for the trip to Umrah.

Words of praise, as well as messages of other people, are still coming to address of Kajmakovic and other citizens of Zenica.

“It is a beautiful feeling when you realize that you fulfilled someone’s life desire and what is the real value that you helped someone to perform a religious ceremony,” added Kajmakovic.

Part of humanitarian actions that Kajmakovic realized with other good people in over a year include: over 250 water wells built in Africa, over 100,000 sandwiches provided for socially vulnerable children in schools, more than 30,000 BAM collected for treatment of sick children, 40,000 kilograms of flour collected for the people of Syria, two mosques built in the Ivory Coast, 29 Umrah and one Hajj trip realized, help provided for orphan families and about 25,000 BAM of help distributed during the month of Ramadan.

“One of the mosques that were built in the Ivory Coast was named after 12-year-old girl Merjema Salkic who died near Maglaj in a car accident while returning from mekteb (Islamic elementary school) and this was the least we could do,” stated Kajmakovic.

Enthusiasts and good people from Zenica, as well as the entire BiH, noted that they will continue with the positive, good stories and that they will try to change the world and make others think positively and show solidarity with others with their small but valuable deeds.

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