Humanitarians from BiH visited Children of Syria

bIh FOR SYRIAThe group of humanitarian workers from BiH visited children in Syria a few days ago. A convoy of help they received, as they said, is a message that they are not alone and that someone is thinking about them.

Help was collected by the International Solidarity Forum from Doboj-East and Muftijstvo Tuzla, and the Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees of FBiH paid part of costs for transportation of flour, oil, and diapers. The government of Canton Tuzla participated as well.

Participant in the convoy Nisvet Mujanovic said that citizens of BiH showed solidarity with those who are in the war, noting that this kind of activities is organized by numerous groups.

“I am convinced that this is improving awareness and that we will motivate others to do the same,” said Mujanovic, adding that the activity of collecting aid for the next convoy has already started.

He noted that the situation in Syria is very difficult and that the most vulnerable are children who have lost one or both parents. He stated that their future is uncertain and that everyone must help them.

He said that it was important that people in BiH, all of those who went through the horror of the war, suffering, and persecution of the nineties, help nations that are in trouble now.

“We would not have survived without the help of friends from the world and now we need to provide our help. We are not alone in the world and we have just what we are willing to give to others,” said Mujanovic.

(Source: klix.ba)


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