Humanitarian Organization donated Ten Sheep to Boy Amer Ibrahimovic from Bratunac

After media information about boy Amer Ibrahimovic from the village of Pobudje near Bratunac, “a boy who loves sheep more than toys”, Tuzla’s Charity Association ”Merhamet”, with the support of BH Telecom, financed the purchase of ten sheep and a certain amount of fodder.

During the delivery of this donation, it was established that this young farmer, due to the significant number of heads, has difficulties where to place his sheep, as the Charity Organization ”Merhamet Tuzla” announced in a press release.

“Once again, we turned to BH Telecom and they approved most of the funds for the construction of a barn to accommodate sheep owned by the Ibrahimovic family, for which we are sincerely grateful,” told Mensura Husanovic, director of the Regional Board of ”Merhamet Tuzla”.

In the meantime, the barn was built and is already in function, which greatly facilitated the work of this family.

“We used to keep the sheep in several wooden sheds and under canopies, but now they are all under one roof, in a dry and functional facility,” Amer’s father Ibrahim emphasized.

Thanks to this and previous donations, as well as the efforts of the Ibrahimovic family, their herd now has more than 100 heads and the boy’s dream of becoming the largest sheep breeder in that area is already coming true.

BH Telecom has once again shown great social responsibility by providing support for various projects, while ”Merhamet” continues to help returnees in a smaller entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to stay on their properties, as the statement said.

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