Humanitarian Bazar: Buy Cheap Clothes and Help The Socially Vulnerable

ClothesAnother humanitarian pomozi.ba bazar will be held this weekend in Sarajevo. This will be another chance for visitors to buy something quality for little money, and to help socially vulnerable families, since all the money earned will go straight to families.

There will be clothes from Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark and B&H. The goal is to provide funds to people that the Association pomozi.ba helps.

‘’All the clothes will cost from 1-10 BAM, and there will be a lot of quality things. In this way, everyone can buy something useful for themselves, and at the same time help those who need help. The plan is to open next month a goodwill storemodeled on the American Goodwill Store’’, said Elvir Karalić, founder of Association pomozi.ba.

The bazar will be held on Saturday and Sunday, 16 and 17 November from 10:00-1:00 on Azize Šaćirbegović 48 street (across the street from the shopping center Robot in Hrasno).

From December at this location, a store will be open every day and all who want to can donate their stuff. If they are not able to bring their stuff in person, they can call 062-839-000 and activists from pomozi.ba will offer a pick-up service.

(Source: klix.ba)

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