Humanitarian Bazaar for Abandoned Dogs and Cats in Sarajevo

An informal group of citizens who are working together through the Facebook group “Nahranimo zajedno nase ulicne pujde (Let’s feed our stray dogs)” organized a humanitarian bazaar called “I’ll do anything to eat,” which will raise money for abandoned dogs and cats on the streets of Sarajevo.

The Bazaar will take place on October 15, at the Mikser House. All visitors will be able to play a raffle that costs symbolic 5 BAM, and they can win more than 400 awards that have been secured by donors and good people who realized the bazaar.

There will be unique products, second-hand corner, jewelry, caps, creation of silver wire chains, henna tattoos, homemade treats for dogs, handbags, natural and handmade cosmetics, brochures, the Buybook table and many other surprises.

“All four leg friends are welcomed as well because we are sure that they want their friends to be fed, healthy and happy, and since Mixer House Sarajevo is definitely pet friendly, this event is definitely organized in the right place, the house for all our people, and as it looks like, all our stray dogs. Everyone who visits the bazaar can donate the food for dogs and cats and leave it in our baskets, and everyone is welcomed. We invite you to join us in this human action because they cannot speak, so we have to be their voice,” as announced by this informal group of citizens.

There are more than 3,000 animal lovers in the Facebook group “Nahranimo zajedno nase ulicne pujde (Let’s feed our stray dogs)”, who are helping abandoned and sick dogs and cats that are wandering through the streets of Sarajevo. This is the second humanitarian bazaar. At the first one, they collected money for health treatments and food for abandoned dogs and cats.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)

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