Humanitarian Action “One Scratch – One Meal” provided Funds for 1400 Meals

The humanitarian action “One Scratch – One Meal”, which was initiated by the team behind the mobile app goody.ba in cooperation with their partners and the organization Pomozi.ba in the middle of June, achieved a great success: they collected the money needed for a donation of more than 1,400 meals for people in need.

Unlike the usual framework of the application that gives an opportunity to its users to get valuable discounts and gifts, the team of goody.ba stated that they wanted to show the potential for change of the overall situation in our society in this way, as well as that potential is present in every business, company, and individual.

“We are very proud of this action,” they stated, and added ” because we have shown that the most powerful factor for the revival of our society is initiative. The initiative that all of us can decide to implement and, step by step, make our environment a little bit better place to live”.

More than 1,400 meals will be donated to elderly and sick persons from the area of Sarajevo, Ilijas, Breza, Vares, Kakanj, Visoko and Mostar thanks to this action.

“We would like to thank our partners without whose generous contributions we would not be able to realize this project. Moreover, we would like to thank our goody.ba users because we actually managed to achieve this great story thanks to their help, engagement and great support,” as stated from goody.ba.

In the end, they noted that everyone who has an idea that could bring progress to our society, should realize that idea, because that is the best way to start an avalanche of successful and human stories.








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