HUB 387 Launches the First Regional “Startup Accelerator”



The Sarajevo information technology (IT) park HUB387  is becoming recognized and competitive at the world IT market. Soon, there are experts from the famous “Silicon valley” to arrive in Sarajevo and to be included as mentors into to the first so-called “startup accelerato r” program.

HUB387 launched a pioneer project in the region with an ambitious goal to create in the next 18 months four standalone technological companies, competitive on the world market.

In September, the “NEST71 accelerator program” is about to begin with work and some of the best developers from B&H and other countries will be included. The selection of the teams of programmers will be done during the 48 hours lasting event “Hackathon 4 Startups”.

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hackathon2It will be one of the most important technological events in the region. After seven days of training sponsored by mentors from the SiliconValley, the participants will have the opportunity to show their skills through a 48 hours programming fight called “hackathon”.

The winning teams of this technological competition will get an initial investment for 18 months of work on the startup, everyday mentorship from professionals from Silicon Valley, an attractive working space in the Sarajevian HUB387 and a Macbook Pro computer.

“We hope that, by organizing this and similar projects, we will become the epicenter of the technological entrepreneurship in the region and in Europe and affect directly the decrease of brain drain from our country. The NEST71 accelerator program is a very important step for the whole region and a link which will connect Sarajevo and great IT HUBs like the one in Berlin and London.” – said Edin Saračević, cofounder and director of the HUB387 in Sarajevo.

HUB387 invites all programmers who do not fear world challenges to apply. The program, starting with the “Hackathon 4 Startups kickoff event”, will be launched on September 6th 2014 in the rooms of HB at the Bosmal City Centre in Sarajevo.

 Applications and all further information can be found at:

HUB387, the host of this event, is the first technological park at the centre of Sarajevo. Since autumn 2013, when it’s been opened, it became home to more than 14 IT companies. The concept of HUB387 is to gather regional IIT community in order to develop a more potent eco-system, to ameliorate cooperation, incubation and to encourage a faster transfer of knowledge and creating a climate which encourages innovations and entrepreneurship.

Contact person:

Kenan Salihbegović

HUB387 Evangelist
tel: +387 61 837 838
skype: xxsolid
twitter: xsolid
linkedin: Kenan Salihbegović


Milana Preloga BB – Bosmal City Centar
71000 Sarajevo

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