HR Valentin Inzko recalled Twelve OHR Colleagues who died in a Helicopter Crash at the Prokosko Lake

The High Representative Valentin Inzko recalled today the deaths 22 years ago of 12 OHR and UN colleagues who died in a helicopter crash at the Prokosko Lake.

“We honor the memories of our colleagues Peter Backes, Livio Beccaccio, Andrzej Buler, David Kriskovich, Leah Melnick, Charles Morpeth, William Nesbitt, Marvin Padgett, Thomas Reinhardt, Jurgen Schauf, Georg Stiebler and Gerd Wagner, who lost their lives for a cause to which they were deeply committed, despite the risks: the rebuilding of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks in no small part to their efforts, the country made significant steps forward in the first decade after Dayton.

Their commitment continues to inspire us to do our best to prevent the rollback of the reforms for which they helped lay the groundwork,” said High Representative Valentin Inzko.

(Photo: Fojnica)


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