HR Valentin Inzko called upon all Political Leaders in BiH to cease endless Divisive Rhetoric

“The OHR has recently answered a number of journalist questions related to the SDA declaration adopted at the recent party congress. As our answer was misinterpreted by some, the High Representative would like to further clarify his position regarding some of the issues raised at the SDA party Congress.

The HR deplores the fact that SDA has decided to formulate its vision about the future of BiH based on a concept which is clearly not acceptable for some other political options. It is unhelpful that the party presented such a concept, knowing that it will trigger negative reactions and create additional tensions.

The High Representative would like to be clear that under his mandate he is bound to insist on full compliance with the Dayton Agreement. This includes the BiH Constitution, which clearly guarantees sovereignty, territorial integrity, and political independence of BiH, and provides that BiH shall consist of the two Entities, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska. Any change to the internal organization of BiH must be adopted in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Constitution, which requires a comprehensive process of consensus-building and agreement across the entire political spectrum.

The HR deplores the rhetoric of some party officials at the SDA congress, who praised and glorified persons prosecuted for alleged crimes committed against innocent victims during the war. Such positions by any political or public figure are detrimental to the process of reconciliation between communities in BiH and therefore unacceptable.

The HR calls upon all political and institutional leaders in this country to cease endless divisive rhetoric and establish a climate conducive for the formation of the authorities at all levels.”


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