HR Inzko says He is ready to pass a Law Banning Genocide Denial

The High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valentin Inzko, said he was ready to pass a law banning genocide denial if domestic institutions did not do so.

Inzko said that for “Al Jazeera Balkans”, and when asked why he has not done that so far, he answered that “the anniversary lasts for a year and that it should be resolved”.

”All European countries have a law banning Holocaust denial, in my country, an English historian was sentenced to three years in prison because he said that the Holocaust does not exist,” said Inzko.

If BH institutions will not pass the law until July 11 next year, Inzko says he is ready, as a high representative with special powers, to do so.

”To be completely clear, I am ready,” said Inzko.

Inzko previously announced that BiH will have a law on genocide denial in 2020.

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