HR Deputy Michael Scanlan discussed the Importance of maintaining a reliable Supply of Electricity

The Principal Deputy High Representative and Brčko Supervisor, Michael Scanlan, visited Banja Luka today and met with Luka Petrović, CEO of “Elektroprivreda RS” (EPRS), and Krešimir Šoljić, Director of the BiH Deposit Insurance Agency.

During the meeting with Luka Petrović, as in his meeting with the CEO of “Elektroprivreda BiH” Bajazit Jašarević earlier this week, the PDHR and Supervisor Scanlan discussed the importance of maintaining a reliable supply of electricity to the Brčko District, both for the daily lives of its inhabitants and the promotion of Brčko as a business and investment-friendly location. Scanlan appreciated on both occasions the substantive and professional level of the discussion.

In his meeting with Director Šoljić, PDHR Scanlan noted the BiH Deposit Insurance Agency’s critical role in maintaining stability of the overall financial system by strengthening the public’s confidence in the banking sector in BiH.

“Obligatory insurance of up to 50,000 BAM for deposits held by citizens and small and medium-size companies, should their bank undergo liquidation, is a valuable safety net that provides predictability to the lives of citizens and businesses.

This predictability encourages savings and contributes to the banks’ lending capacity, the lifeblood of any market-based economy. The Agency’s proven efficiency and professionalism in protecting deposits throughout BiH is the best example of how a state-level institution works for the benefit of all citizens.

With this in mind, it is hard to overstate the importance of preserving the independence and the professionalism of this institution,” stated the PDHR.

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