How will the new Prison in BiH look like?

Although completed in the month of December last year, when it was officially taken over by the Ministry of Justice of BiH, the state prison in the settlement Vojkovici has not been put into operation yet.

“The Ministry of Justice of BiH is now negotiating on the price of technical admission with the company that was already determined by the Municipality of Eastern Ilidza. Considering that the two sides are still in the process of agreement, it is difficult to talk about the final price,” said Minister Grubesa.

The main purpose of the prison will be that convicts of the Court of BiH, a total of 482 of them, will serve their sentence here. They are currently placed in one of the entity prisons, and the state is paying compensations to the entities for that.

When it comes to the conditions in the prison itself, the treatment of prisoners will be in accordance with the European standards.

One of the main standards is that there will be no gratings on the prison cells. Moreover, every cell, which occupies 12 square meters (according to the European standard) will include a bathroom, hot water, Internet access, TV, refrigerator…

“Prisoners will have the ability to do all those activities as they would be doing in “normal” life, but with good behaviour and in accordance with the punishment. Everything depends on the punishment. We have four blocks, and in block A will be solitaries – there are even rooms made of rubber… Everything depends on the sentence and the behaviour of prisoners in the prison,” said Minister Grubesa.

Furthermore, every prisoner will have the opportunity of medical treatment, access to education, adequate visits of relatives and friends, space for some free activities, the possibility of engagement in some kind of work with the possibility for stimulation of that work, i.e. salary.

“We will try to place everything that prisoners produce in the market. Thus, we will give them motivation to work and earn some money inside the prison because our prisoners are convicted on a long time,” stated Minister Grubesa.

(Source: faktor.ba)



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