How will the 510 million BAM for Repayment of Debts be found?

RS Budget Rebalance avaz.baThe proposal rebalance of the budget of Republika Srpska (RS) for this year increased the expenditures for repayment of debts of this B&H entity by 6.9 percent or 33 million BAM, making the final amount of 510 million BAM for paying off debts.

The rebalance also increased expenditures for personal earnings which amount to 704.5 million BAM (of which 689.8 million BAM are for gross wages and 14.7 million BAM for gross compensation of expenses and other personal earnings of employees), which represents an increase by 2.8 million BAM or 0.4 percent.

From the entity budget, more funds are intended for funding based on use of goods and services, thereby 98.7 million BAM from the revised budget are intended for this purpose, which represents an increase by 10.9 million BAM or 12.4 percent in comparison to the budget of 2015.

Remittances for social protection were planned in the budget in the amount of 234 million BAM, while the revised budget allocated 231.8 million BAM for these purposes, which represents a decrease by 11.2 million BAM or 4.6 percent.

Expenditures for non-financial property are planned in the amount of 16.3 million Bam, while they amount to 27.3 million BAM in the revised budget, which is an increase by 11 million BAM or 67.9 percent.

Intended increase, among other things, also goes for the procurement of special equipment for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, amounting to 2.5 million BAM.


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