How was spent the Money from Clearing Debt in the FBiH?

Although our authorities claimed last year that the money from the clearing debt will be used for the construction of highways and fast roads in the FBiH, that never happened. The Government of the FBiH, which is consisted of the SDA, the HDZ BiH and the SBB, spent the entire amount received from Russia on paying salaries, travel expenses, telephone services and other budget expenditures.

The Audit Office of the institutions of FBiH stated in the report on the financial audit of the Report on the Execution of Budget of FBiH for the year of 2017 that revenues amounted to a total of 2,240,000,476 BAM last year, and the largest share in their structure belongs to tax revenues in the amount of 1,600,094,278 BAM (99 % in relation to the plan) and non-tax revenues 519,699,270 BAM (103 % in relation to the plan).

“With the Amendments to the Budget of the FBiH for 2017 on the position of the Ministry of Transport and Communications was planned to spend funds for capital transfers for the construction of highways and fast roads in the total amount of 107.000.000 BAM, which were supposed to be financed from received clearing funds. The transfer was not realized and these funds were used for financing regular budget expenditures together with other revenues that were realized in the year of 2017,” as noted from the Audit Office of FBiH.

This federal institution recommended tothe Government of the FBiH to make a review of justification of the expenditures of collected revenues from clearing debt for the financing of regular budget expenditures together with the competent ministries (the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport and Communications) .

After the Central Bank of BiH paid 72,591,543 USD of clearing debt to the FBiH, there were requests for transfer of that money to agricultural producers, the Highways of FBiH, retirees or project financing.

However, in the end, neither the farmers, nor the Highways of FBiH, nor the retirees, had any benefit from Russian money, although it was treated as extraordinary revenues in the Budget of FBiH.

(Source: Er. M./Klix.ba)








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