How to Clean Your Windows Burlington: Quick Guide for Homeowners


As warmer weather approaches, you should consider cleaning your windows. Regular cleaning of your windows Burlington can help prolong the life of your windows, which saves from having to replace your windows every few years. In addition, it promotes good health and cleanliness.

Cleaning your windows Burlington does not have to be a cumbersome task. Simply follow the steps in this handy guide and your windows will be squeaky clean! Many homeowners choose to have their windows cleaned by a professional cleaning company. Why pay extra when you can clean them yourself in a few easy steps using products you most likely have on hand?

How to Clean Windows Burlington

Materials needed:

  • Soft sponges or window squeegee
  • Several soft, clean, dry cloths
  • Mild dish detergent
  • Mild household cleaner
  • Mild spray cleaner
  • White Vinegar
  • Warm Water
  • Vacuum Cleaner with Attachment or Hand-held Vacuum
  • Soft Bristle Brush


Step One: Clean the window glass

The best window cleaner is one that is homemade and therefore not harmful to pets, children or the environment. Mix water and white vinegar to create a safe and powerful cleaner for those dirty windows. We do not recommend using vinegar to clean your doors as it might strip the paint, but this method does work well on window glass, including any glass paneling in your doors.  As well, vinegar is a good solution for those who live in areas with hard water.

Try to avoid cleaning your windows Burlington in direct sunlight as this allows them to dry quickly, which can cause streaks.  For stubborn spots, add a few drops of liquid mild dish detergent to the warm water and white vinegar mix. Using a soft, clean sponge or squeegee, clean the glass using a circular motion. Let the widows air dry or use newspaper to help prevent unsightly streaks.

Step Two: Clean the window screen

To clean the window screen, it is best to use a vacuum clean that has a long attachment or a hand-held vacuum to safely and gently remove any dirt and debris. Another method is to remove the screen carefully and wash it with warm water and mild soap in a large sink, shower area or bathtub. After they are completely air dried, you may carefully put them back in the window track.

Step 3: Clean the window hardware

Use a mild household cleaner and clean, soft cloth to carefully clean the window hardware.  Make sure to clean the hinges and locks as well as the cranks, rollers, tracks and gears. Thoroughly rinse and dry using a clean, dry soft cloth.

Step 4: Clean the window frame

Avoid using harsh solvents, chemicals or cleaners to clean the window frames as this will damage them. Remove any residue using a soft, clean cloth or soft bristle brush. Next use a mild spray cleaner or warm water and mild soap to clean the window frames. For any stubborn spots you may use a mild abrasive cleaner.

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