How the Money from Clearing Debt was spent?

The Council of Ministers of BiH adopted decisions on allocation of funds from the clearing debt of Russian Federation for financing the construction and equipping of the archive facility of ITA in Mostar, the protection of drinking water sources in Eastern Ilidza, infrastructure projects in Srebrenica, support of cultural projects in BiH and the procurement of an object for accommodation of BH institutions in East Sarajevo, in the total amount of 3.650.000 BAM.

The Decision on the approval of funds collected on the basis of collecting claims from the Russian Federation under Annex C of the Agreement on Succession Issues for support to cultural projects in BiH was allocated a total of 1.100.000 BAM, of which for the National Museum of BiH 500,000 BAM; Historical Museum of BiH 250.000 BAM; Olympic Museum in Sarajevo 250,000 BAM and the Archive of BiH 100,000 BAM.

The clearing debt of the Russian Federation was paid in cash in the total amount of 125,157,834 USD. Funds were distributed in the following percentage: 10 % for BH institutions, 3 % for Brcko Distrikt, 58 % for the FBiH and 29 % for the RS.

The total amount available to BH institutions was 20.700.683 BAM, and according to previously made decisions of the Council of Ministers of BiH, a tota of 17.000.000 BAM was allocated. Out of that amount, 7.000.000 BAM was allocated for the construction of the border crossing Bratunac – Ljubovija, for procurement of the object for accommodation of BH institutions in Sarajevo and reconstruction and upgrade of the factory “Zrak” in Sarajevo 4.000.000 BAM, for accommodation of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies 3,000,000 BAM and 1 million BAM for the purchase of facilities for the accommodation of BH institutions in East Sarajevo and Mostar each, as well as for the upgrade of the customs subsystem of the IT system of the ITA BiH.

After the adoption of these decisions, there are still 50,683 BAM of unallocated funds received from the clearing debt, as announced from the Council of Ministers BiH.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)



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