How the Funds collected from Tolls were divided?

Revenues from indirect taxes amounted to four billion and 266 million BAM in the first seven months of this year, which is by 357 million BAM or 9.14 % more in comparison to the same period of 2017, as stated by the Head of Department for Communications and International Cooperation at the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) of BiH, Ratko Kovacevic.

ITA BiH collected a total of 688 million BAM of indirect taxes in July this year, which is by 69 million BAM more in comparison to July 2017.

Kovacevic stated that the total amount of 432 million BAM was allocated for financing state institutions in the period from January to July this year. The FBiH received a billion and 931 million BAM, the RS received 982 million BAM and Brcko District received 105 million BAM.

On the basis of a special toll for the construction of highways (0.10 BAM), the FBiH received additional 6.5 million BAM, the RS received 4.3 million BAM and Brcko District received 200.000 BAM.

This year in July, the Steering Board of ITA BiH issued the Decision on the Temporary Allocation of Revenues from Tolls for the Construction of Highways and the Construction and Reconstruction of other Roads.

With this decision was determined that 10 % of the total revenues from tolls will stay on the subaccount in the Central Bank and it will serve to settle the revenues until the final allocation methodology is determined, while the remaining 90 % of revenues was shared between the entities and the Brcko District. Thus, 59 % belongs to the FBiH, 39 % belongs to the RS and 2 % belongs to the Brcko District.

According to the aforementioned decision, the funds from the tolls in the amount of 0.25 BAM for the construction of highways and construction and reconstruction of other roads that were collected in February, March, April, May and June 2018, which were transferred to a special subaccount in Central Bank, were distributed in the total amount of 138,516,453.94 BAM (90 %) on July 16.

The FBiH received a total of 81.724.707,83 BAM (59 %), the RS received 54.021.417,04 BAM (39 %), while Brcko District of BiH received 2,770.329,07 BAM (2 %).

(Source: faktor.ba)





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