How Practice Tests Can Help You to Tackle Cisco CCNA Exam Phobia?


Routers and switches make up a big part of Internet connections and many of them are provided by Cisco. This company takes the largest share of the market that distributes Ethernet switches with 52.03% of global market share as of June 2020. Moreover, Cisco can also make you a front runner among peers in the industry That’s why our focus today will be on 200-301 exam and CCNA certification.

CCNA Certification Brief

There is only one exam you need to take to earn the CCNA credential, 200-301 by code. This test checks your ability to install, manage, administer, and configure internet protocols; IPv4 and IPv6. To apply for it, you need a year plus experience in working with Cisco technologies and solutions, a good grasp of networking basics, and capability in IT addressing.

Taking the exam is not enough — you need to pass it as well. One of the things you need to work on apart from gaining knowledge in the required areas is to manage your exam phobia. Here’s how you can tackle it.

How to Handle Exam Phobia and How Practice Tests Can Help

There is a quote that says, your worse fears can become your reality. If assessments are your worst fear, then your best decision is to take the right action to deal with it. So, let’s get started on what you can do.

  1. Prepare well: Unpreparedness makes you less confident when taking your Cisco Devnet Associate Certification Exam Questions. Thus, devote as much time for studies as you can. That means going through your notes if you have any, enrolling in a good course, joining a study group, and doing several practice tests to have trial attempts. These things can strengthen your morale.
  2. Develop a positive mindset: You need the right mental vibe to pass the test. Getting positive can take many approaches, for example, reading or watching success stories of people with IT certifications.
  3. Calm yourself: You need to develop a particular form of internal strength before sitting for the CCNA test— professionals like P. Diddy, Tony Robbins, and Evan Carmichael advice to learn Transcendental Meditation. Start small and focus on what you wish to achieve. You can also do this little as three minutes before going to the exam room here.
  4. Use the right revision methods: Atechnique such as training with practice tests taken from a reliable website can help you prepare adequately. Answering the questions contained in these files, youwilltest yourself, cement your strengths, and find outyour weak skill areas. Moreover, these materials can improve your time-management and show you how the exam is built as well as how different types of questions look like.
  5. Arrive at the testing area on time: Certbolt Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification can be done on proctored environments or be self-administered. Arriving early to the centerallows you to put everything in order and get ready for the assessment. If it’s online, be by your screen on time and get your materials ready.


The above methods are not all you need to Cisco Certifications Practice Dumps but they will help you get started correctly. The CCNA certification you get after this will allow you to become a Network Administrator, an IT Networks Specialist, or a Systems Analyst, among others,and earn an average salary of$77,838 annually, as per Isn’t that interesting? Take this moment, use the named tips and practice tests for exam preparation, and complete your journey of becoming a ExamLabs CCNA certified with no struggle.

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