How much Money will Political Parties receive from Canton Sarajevo Budget?

The Commission for Election and Appointment and Administrative Matters of the Sarajevo Canton (CS) Assembly adopted at its session the Decision on allocating the funds of the CS budget for the financing of political parties, clubs of parliamentary representatives and parliamentary groups in the mandate period 2018-2022.

The total funds intended for the financing cannot exceed the amount of 0.2 percent of the Canton Sarajevo budget in the calendar year.

Since the planned budget for Canton Sarajevo is 928.370.876 BAM, all political parties at the cantonal level will share a total amount of 1.856.741 BAM.

All political parties, or coalitions of political parties that have won the mandates, will receive 30 percent of the funds intended for their funding. Namely, all political parties of 1.856.741 BAM will equally divide 557.022 BAM.

Also, 60.0 percent of funds will be allocated according to the number of parliamentary mandates that each political party, club of deputies and parliamentary group has, which means a total of 1,114,044 BAM.

The Party of Democratic Action, as the party with the highest number of mandates, will receive the most funds from this amount. Later on, the People and Justice Party, Our Party and the Social Democratic Party of BiH.

The decision was signed by the Chairman of the Commission Elmedin Konakovic.

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