How much Money will be allocated for Electrification and Infrastructure of Returnee Settlements?

March 28, 2018 11:00 AM

The Commission for Refugees and Displaced Persons of BiH selected infrastructural and projects of electrification of housing units in areas with displaced persons and returnees in the total amount of 2.795.023 BAM.

In this way, around two million BAM (or more precisely 1,956,516 BAM) were secured for 64 projects related to the construction and renovation of the municipal infrastructure of returnees and displaced persons. Majority of these projects will be realized in Bijeljina, Derventa, Eastern Ilidza, Lopare, Kotor Varos, Tuzla, Konjic, Gradacac, Kakanj…

When it comes to the electrification of returnee settlements, a total of 838.507 BAM was secured  for 19 projects with the decision of the Commission for Refugees and Displaced Persons of BiH, and they will be realized in Rogatica, Foca, Novo Gorazde, Visegrad, Pale, Han Pijesak, Zvornik, Brod, Derventa, Mostar and Pelagicevo.

Moreover, the Commission also determined the text of public invitations for infrastructure and projects of electrification of residential units of returnees and displaced persons with the total value of 2.225.000 BAM, i.e. 1.525.000 BAM for infrastructure and 700.000 BAM for projects of electrification.

The session of the Commission for Refugees and Displaced Persons of BiH was attended by observers of the work of the Commission, i.e. representatives of UNHCR, OSCE, OHR, CRS, HWA, Union for Sustainable Return and Integration in BiH and Alliance for the Return of Refugees and Displaced Persons in Bosnian Posavina, as announced from the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH.





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