How much Money from the Sale of Tito’s Residency in New York belongs to BiH?

Successor states of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia signed a contract on the joint sale of a resident apartment of the former state at the address 730 Park Avenue in New York for a total of 12 million USD.

Although the initial price amounted to 20 million USD, successor states (BiH, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Macedonia) agreed to 8 million USD smaller amount in order to speed up the sale process.

“The apartment was sold for a total of 12 million USD, and that was realized within the succession process. I informed the Council of Ministers on this topic last week,” stated Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH, Igor Crnadak.

“A total of 15 % of the amount will go to BiH, which is around 1.324,000 BAM. Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia received the largest amounts,” noted Crnadak.

He noted that he is planning to propose for the money that BiH should receive next week to be directed to the purchase of a real estate in a city where BiH has an embassy.

“I believe that this is the right way to spend this money, in order for it to stay in the diplomatic and consular network,” said Minister Crnadak.

(Source: D. Be./Klix.ba)

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