How much indebted is RS on the International Market?

Yesterday, the RS successfully conducted the first emission of bonds on the international financial market in the total amount of 168.3 million EUR, as stated by the Ministry of Finance of the RS.

Bonds, whose planned emissions was 200 million EUR, were sold at a steady interest rate of 4.75 % on an annual level.

“The book of investors for the primary issue was closed with the aforementioned amount. The listing of bonds will be on the Vienna Stock Exchange, and the emission will be conducted in accordance with the law of the Republic of Austria, while the payment of the funds will take place on June 28,” as noted from the Ministry of Finance of the RS and they noted their satisfaction with successfully completed emission.

“The RS positioned itself as a relevant subject on the international financial market for the first time since its establishment in this way. Moreover, it is important to emphasize that the realized interest rate is a very positive indicator, considering that all surrounding countries attained an interest rate of more than 8 % on their first emission on the international financial market and that the first exit to the international financial market is the most expensive for eminent regarding returns expected by investors,” as noted in the statement.

According to the Government of the RS, they successfully implemented the program of diversification of sources of funds, decreased the risk of uncertainty of funding and enabled more quality planning and execution of budget, and thus enabled full security of execution of all budget expenditures.










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