How many Streets in Sarajevo were named after Women?

It has been pointed for years that the representation of women in public and political life in BiH is very small in comparison to other Western countries. The same situation is in the social and cultural sector. The organization ‘Women in BiH’ published a map that was created by the Foundation ”CURE”, and it shows how many streets, schools, squares, busts and bridges are dedicated to women.

According to them, there were never many streets named after women in the contemporary history of the city of Sarajevo, and today, only 17  out of 1737 of them are named after women. Moreover, one bridge, three schools, one square and two busts are also named after women.

Members of this organization also invited other cities to reveal the number of streets named after women in their cities as well. Therefore, it was found that Tesanj, Bugojno and Gracanica do not have any streets named after women. Tuzla has 9 out of a total of 406 streets. Only two streets out of 151 were named after women in Zenica, while only two streets are named after women in Mostar. There are only two, three or four “women streets” in majority of the cities in Herzegovina, and the leading one is Ljubuski with six streets. Banja Luka had 14 streets named after women before the war, and now it has only seven of them.

Even though our country had a large number of women of historical importance, the acknowledgments never came. To recall, the name of the first BH pilot Fatima Music has never been entered into the official books, and the initiative for the Airport Tuzla to be named after her was declined.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)




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