How many Passengers were transported from the International Airport Tuzla in 2017?

April 4, 2018 3:00 PM

A total of 535,500 passengers were transported from the International Airport Tuzla last year, according to the Minister of Trade, Traffic and Tourism of Canton Tuzla, Mirsad Gluhic.

He also added that this airport is developing every year, and he also announced new capital investments.

He noted that there was a large expansion of tourism during the last year, and this ministry mapped all of the tourist potentials in this canton. He added that the Tourism Forum is unique at the level of BiH, and it gathered around 200 people in Tuzla.

“When it comes to trade, we continually worked on the project ‘Let’s buy homemade’,” noted Gluhic.

When it comes to traffic, they worked a lot on complying the driving schedules in this canton, as well as on fighting illegal transportation.

The relevant minister stated that the Directorate of Regional Roads of TC is investing about 5-6 million BAM in regional roads every year. There is about 318 kilometers of regional roads in Canton Tuzla, and about 20 kilometers of roads without asphalt.

The movement forward was evident when it comes to the suppression of illegal work in the field of catering in the last year. Numerous activities have been conducted in cooperation with the Cantonal Administration for Inspection Affairs regarding that issue.





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