How many Migrants entered BiH and how many of them left?

Minister of Security of BiH, Dragan Mektic, stated that a total of 5,116 illegal migrants entered BiH since the beginning of the year, and about 70 % of them left our country.

After the meeting of the Operative Staff for Migration Issues of BiH, Minister Mektic noted that 475 migrants filed the request for asylum, but the asylum has not been granted to anyone yet.

He explained that when it comes to the structure of migrants, in the first place are citizens of Pakistan, and they are followed by citizens of Syria, while the third place belongs to citizens of Iran.

Mekic noted that the decision to send additional forces to the border gave good results, and that 3,300 migrants were returned from the border of BiH this year.

Minister Mekic also added that the Crisis Fund of the EU approved 1.5 million EUR of help to BiH as a support to the fight against illegal migration.

He announced that an international conference will take place on June 7, in Sarajevo, and its main topic will be migration issues. The conference will be attended by representatives of Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, BiH, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria, and minister is planning to ask a few questions at that meeting and he will insist on finding the meeting point of migrants.

Furthermore, he noted that it was agreed that the Operative Staff for Migration Issues of BiH will meet each Thursday.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)



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