How many Convicting Verdicts were pronounced by Courts in BiH?

Courts in BiH, including the state, entity and cantonal ones, issued a total of 13,682 convicting verdicts last year.

The Prosecution of BiH conducted a large number of investigative activities last year, which resulted in the pronunciation of 138 verdicts against 209 persons, as noted in the Report on work of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH for the last year.

Out of this number, a total of 122 convicting verdicts were issued against 198 persons, there were also 78 acquittal verdicts in 14 cases, while the suspension of the case was pronounced in one case.

In the last year, 14,730 reports were solved against 20,903 persons, and 5,963 reports were left against 10,492 persons at the end of the reporting period.

According to the indictments of the cantonal prosecutor’s offices, the competent courts in the FBiH pronounced verdicts in a total of 8,791 cases against 10,929 persons and 9,757 convicting verdicts were pronounced.

The courts pronounced a total of 4,324 verdicts for 5,022 persons, of which 3,803 were convicting verdicts for 4,390 persons, 240 acquittal verdicts for 291 persons, and 104 dismissing verdicts for 103 persons.

According to the reports from the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the RS, a total of 7,635 complaints against 10,339 people were solved, and 3,410 complaints against 4,451 persons were left unresolved.

(Source: klix.ba)







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