How is Tourism on Vlasic Mountain saved?

Despite the pandemic and all the difficulties, the winter season on mountain Vlasic was very successful. The cantonal Tourism Board says that it was saved by domestic guests and COVID protocols.

This past winter season on Vlasic was saved by local guests and COVID protocol. The first pandemic winter season on this mountain was eventually rated as very good.

We can say that we are extremely satisfied with the winter tourist season, the number of visitors, and also the number of overnights stays in the area of mountain Vlasic. I can say that we are quite satisfied with the minimum number, it is speculated that only a few guests showed to be positive for COVID 19 after testing, said Miroslav Matosevic, director of the Tourism Board of Central Bosnia Canton (CBC).

Hoteliers and caterers were also satisfied.

Our domestic tourists definitely marked the season and we equally hope for a good appearance during the summer, noted Maja Popovic, Hotel “Blanca”.

The largest number of visitors came from the cities of Tuzla, Sarajevo, and Banja Luka, but there were others as well, told Melisa Balhodzic, Hotel “Monogram”.

Considering that it is the tourist off-season, but also that the weather is bad for days, we did not find any tourists on Vlasic. Guests from several filled hotel rooms have already gone. But that by no means is not a sign that plans for the spring and summer seasons are not optimistic. As in previous years, several events and different activities are ready for guests, if the pandemic situation allows their organization. Despite the pandemic, there is a sufficient number of announcements of tourist arrivals.

We have a lot of announcements from the market of the Arabian Peninsula, so there is really a great interest, but it depends on the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), whether we will be able to ensure the influx of these guests, Miroslav Matosevic emphasized.

The unhindered influx of guests and a better pandemic situation should be ensured by the state government, primarily by accelerating the vaccination of as many citizens as possible, including those employed in the tourism field. Anyhow, the tourist staff is ready for the new season and new guests, BHRT writes.

At yesterday’s session, the Headquarters for Emergency Situations of the Republika Srpska discussed the epidemiological situation and made new decisions, that is, mitigated the existing ones. 

“In terms of the epidemiological situation, we are in the third week of a smaller number of infected,” the RS government said. 

At the same time, the number of people hospitalized is declining. According to this conclusion, as of today, ski resorts and ski centers are allowed to operate. 

Also, the Republic Headquarters decided to allow the work of the theaters from Monday.

In addition, the Emergency Situations Headquarters passed a Conclusion on the implementation of measures for reacting to the occurrence of diseases caused by the coronavirus in Republika Srpska. 

In the previous 24 hours, the total number of hospitalized was 1,067, while on April 6, there were 1,461 hospitalized people, and since then, the number of hospitalized has been declining for the most part, writes.

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