How Bosnian Muslims rescued Roma People from Death in Jasenovac?


The Zenica Resolution was adopted on May 26, 1942, by 26 prominent Muslim intellectuals who declared Roma people as Muslims back then in order to prevent their leave from Zenica, as well as all over BiH in the Jasenovac Camp, where they would be sentenced to death just like Roma people from Croatia.

Roma people started settling in BiH before the arrival of the Ottoman Empire because they had better social rights in this region, and that did not change with the arrival of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire nurtured tolerant relations with all ethnic communities, including the Roma people who have lived in peace by developing their own culture for centuries.

“The Zenica Resolution protected different ethnic groups, Roma people but also Serbs and Jews. However, in comparison to other resolutions made after those events, the Zenica Resolution was adopted before them. When the intellectual elite realized that the Roma people will be taken from Zenica to Jasenovac, they decided to quickly get organized, held several meetings, and declared Roma people as Muslims, which protected them from persecution,” noted Dizdarevic.

“This is one of the most important dates in the history of Zenica. When Prophet Adam needed one sin to show his character, the citizens of Zenica have shown their character with this declaration, in which they showed their respect for human values that are placed deep into the nature of Muslims in BiH,” stated Dizdarevic.

The event was attended by a councillor at the City Council of Zenica on behalf of the Law on National Minorities, Asim Music, who stated that relations towards the Roma people have not changed in Zenica since the adoption of this resolution.

(Source: E. M./Klix.ba)

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