How Biden spoke about Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Back in 2017, at that time the US Vice-President Joe Biden said at a ceremony in Washington, where he received lifetime award from the Advisory Council of BiH, that people must talk about the genocide in BiH.

He said that there is nothing that he is more proud of than the association with efforts to end the genocide in BiH. He recalled the time when he listened about the aggression and the crimes that took place 90 years ago in our country.

“Through listening and contacts with other diplomats, I was convinced that Slobodan Milosevic was planning ethnic cleansing in BiH,” said Biden.

As he said, during the aggression, he believed that the people of BiH had the right to defend themselves which is why, in March 1992, he proposed the Resolution on raising the arms embargo that the UN and NATO decided to impose. He noted that he added another element, and that is to raise the embargo and to attack the JNA that was crossing the Drina River to commit the chaos that they planned in BiH, but nothing happened then.

“You are alive. You have lost your families, you have lost your homes. You fought to save your dignity. This was not a civil war, it was a genocide. Simply genocide. And it happened before the eyes of the entire Europe,” stated Biden.

He warned everyone that they should remind on the genocide in BiH because everyone should know the past.

(Source: Er. M./Klix.ba)

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