House of Representatives Adopted Amendments to Various Laws, Including Euthanization of Stray Dogs

bosna-lutaliceAfter the House of Representatives did not come to an agreement, deputies adopted a draft law on amendments to the Law on the protection and well-being of animals, , proposed by deputy Nermina Zaimović – Uzunović, and which, among other things, provides for the possibility of euthanizing stray dogs if within 15 days of stay in a shelter they are not adopted.

The House of Representatives of the B&H Parliamentary Assembly adopted lastnight a draft law on amendments to the B&H Election Law. The proposed amendments are implemented by the decision of the B&H Constitutional Court in a way that the names of the municipalities in the RS are in compliance with the territorial organization of the RS .

In the first reading, amendments to the law on the Protection of Classified Information was adopted, whose proposer is the B&H Council of Ministers, and the draft law on amendments to the B&H Criminal Code, proposed by deputy Mirsad Đugum.

The decision was confirmed by the B&H Presidency on the appointment of professional military personnel in military posts in the B&H Ministry of Defense and the B&H Armed Forces.

Deputies adopted a report on the budget of B&H institutions and international obligations of B&H from January to June 2013, and named members of the office for consideration of appeals for a term of five years.

(Source: Fena)

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