House of Peoples of the Parliament of B&H adopted the budget for 2013

December 7, 2012 10:50 AM

The House of Peoples of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted the Law on budget for institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and international obligations of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the year 2013.

Nine commissioners voted in favor of the budget, three were against and just one commissioner was reserved. The budget was adopted during a very short session of the Parliament. The session was over in half an hour.

The commissioner of the Bosniak people from the political party SDA were against the adoption of the budget and they presented ten amendments to the decision, none of which were discussed.

Halid Genjac said that few of them attending the session expected that the commissioners form the SDA political party will leave the session and jeopardize the process of the adoption of the budget, but that did not happen.

Mladen Ivanić was the only one reserved to make an answer to the proposal of the budget, and he emphasized his concerns about the external debt of this country. So he said: ” Last year, this country had to pay 440 million BAM of credit loans and next year it will be an amount of 770 million BAM. If we continue to take loans, we will cross the line of one billion BAM of external debt. That could eventually bring us towards a very bad scenario”.


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