House of Peoples of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina should adopt the Law on Volunteering

November 22, 2012 6:33 PM

The agenda of the House of Peoples of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina encompassed the Proposal of the Law on Volunteering and if adopted, all the conditions clarified in the law will be implemented. All parliamentary commissions gave a positive answer to this proposal, so it is expected that the implementation of the Law on Volunteering will be implemented soon.

The Law on Volunteering was proposed by the Commission of the Parliament Youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which also prepared the Draft of the law together with numerous nongovernmental organizations and the Institute for development of the Youth ” KULT” Sarajevo. The main characteristics of the Law on Volunteering is that it will recognize long term volunteering as working experience which will be of much worth for young people who are seeking jobs.

In the Commission for Youth they claim that the Law on Volunteering is based on the best EU practices and the newest recommendations from the area of volunteering. The Law on Volunteering prevents private companies to be the organizer of volunteering, but gives opportunity and recommendation for all high education institutions to take the initiative.

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