Hotel ‘Mostar’ will soon be a hotel of ‘Hilton’ category

hotel-mostarSoon to be reconstructed hotel ‘Mostar’ will also become a hotel of ‘Hilton’ category, said to ekapija Josip Leko from the construction company Promark who did the works on this building.

He stated that the works are going as planned and that the hotel will be finished in May 2014.

Leko said that the works are being done according to European standards and the hotel will be a modern version of the former hotel ‘Mostar’ with 4 floors and 60 rooms, conference room, restaurant and parking space.

Manager of the hotel Radmila Blažević said that all citizens will be proud of the hotel, which will improve the overall look of Mostar and will create new jobs.

(photo: hotel- mostar)

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