Hospital in BiH is facing a Shortage of Medical Staff

Muris Halkic, the Minister of Health of the Una-Sana Canton (USC), and the director of the Cantonal Hospital “Dr. Irfan Ljubijankic”, Hajrudin Havic, confirmed that the Bihac hospital is facing a lack of educated medical staff during the coronavirus pandemic, BHRT writes.

”The situation is already a bit critical for us, since there is a lack of mid-level medical staff trained to work in COVID clinics, as well as anesthesiologists, so the existing ones are forced to work in more places. We will try to do something about it because at the beginning of the fourth virus wave it is really worrying, ” emphasized Cantonal Minister Halkic.

The director of the hospital, Hajrudin Havic, also warned of an increased number of hospitalized patients infected with the coronavirus.

”We already have 11 patients in COVID – department 1, but also 7 people in intensive care. All cases are extremely difficult, so it seems to me that this fourth infection wave will be extremely demanding for the profession as well, ”  Havic said.

The USC Health Insurance Institute announced the necessary financial assistance, more precisely a rebalance of the financial plan with which they will try to provide additional funds for the treatment of COVID patients, as well as a certain amount of money to rehabilitate the accumulated debts of the Cantonal Hospital in Bihac, which was confirmed by the Institute director,Almir Lipovaca.

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