Hose Commerce presented the First BH Shopping Basket

BH basketAt the supermarket Hose Commerce in Hadzici yesterday was started a new project “BH shopping basket”, which represents an additional contribution and support that this company gives to the campaign “Buy local”.

“This time we went a step further and organized a special project called ‘BH shopping basket, whose aim is the promotion of local brands. Shopping basket will be placed in our stores and it will contain local products,” said Amela Frlj, adding that the suppliers, BH producers, showed a great interest and provided support to the entire project.

She also noted that the project will last throughout the year, while the content of the basket will be changed every 15 days.

“After these, five other products will replace them, so that we will change the content of BH shopping basket every six months, which from today can be found in all of our nine markets in Sarajevo. Considering the interest and response of suppliers from the very beginning, we believe that the BH shopping basket, as a project, will last for a long time and that it will turn into a tradition,” stated Amela Frlj.

The first five local brands that took part in Hose’s “BH shopping basket” are ‘Violeta’ napkins, ‘Swity’ juice, ‘Merka’ coffee, ‘Ovako’ hot dog and ‘Meggle’ yogurt. Decorative latticework (special handmade wood of various pattern placed on the windows in the old city houses in Bosnia with the aim of decoration and aesthetics) served as a motif for the design of “BH shopping basket”, which now can be found in all markets of Hose commerce.

“BH shopping basket” will mean additional position, marketing, and communications to all domestic brands, who want to participate in the campaign in supermarkets of Hose commerce, which is ready to invest in additional space, interesting and symbolic design of “BH shopping basket”, communication and advertising in order to further promote domestic producers.


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