Horde Zla made Fireworks, Phenomenal Choreography of Maniacs (video)

13101500_1761307010772642_1922308238_nMost ardent fans of Sarajevo and Zeljeznicar did their best for the spectacle on the stands of the stadium “Asim Ferhatovic Hase” again this time.

From the beginning of the match, fans of Bordeaux and Blue Club enthusiastically cheered for their players, and Horde zla made a spectacular fireworks at the very beginning of the match.

Fans of Zeljeznicar, popular Maniacs, filled south stand of our biggest stadium, and they made the phenomenal choreography before the match.


Take a look at the video of their spectacular performances!

Click here for the video one and video two.


(Source: E. B./

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