Holy Fire from Jerusalem to arrive to Banja Luka today

holyforeHoly Fire, flame from the tomb of Jesus Christ, for the first time on the eve of the great holiday of the Resurrection of Christ, on Holy Saturday, April 11, will be transferred from the Holy City of Jerusalem to Banja Luka.

Formal reception of Holy Fire in Banja Luka will be organized in front of the cathedral of Christ the Savior, on Saturday at 23:30 o’clock.

After its arrival to Banja Luka, Holy Fire will be handed to Bishop of Banja Luka, Jefrem, on the eve of Holy Easter liturgy that begins at midnight.

Holy Fire arrives for the first time in the organization of the Secretariat for the Faith and the Diocese of Banja Luka, SPC.

The Fire, which is also known as the greatest miracle in Jerusalem, occurs every year on the eve of Easter, during the prayer of the Patriarch of Jerusalem and the whole Palestine in the Church of Christ’s resurrection.


(Source: klix.ba)

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