Holy Christmas Liturgy served in Trebinje

This morning, the Holy Hierarch’s Christmas Liturgy was served in the Trebinje Cathedral of the Holy Transfiguration of the Lord by Bishop Dimitrije of Zahumlje-Herzegovina and Primorje.

Bishop Dimitrije emphasized the desire for this Christmas to bring joy, peace and happiness to believers’ hearts.

”I am happy when I see that we help each other because helping our neighbor is our greatest joy to God. We should always be with each other and love our neighbor as ourselves,” said Bishop Dimitrije.

Along with a large number of believers, the mayor of Trebinje, Mirko Curic, also attended the liturgy, Avaz writes.

It is a time of year rich with many customs and these few weeks around Christmas make it the most solemn period in the whole calendar year.

Although the month and date of birth of Jesus Christ are not well established, this holiday is always celebrated on January 7 (Christians who adhere to the Gregorian calendar celebrate it on 25 December) since 380. A.D.

According to ancient belief and tradition, Christmas is considered to be a cheerful family holiday. That day you do not visit guests, but the birth of Christ is celebrated in your own house. Christians traditionally believe that on that day all who during the year were in strife, should reconcile and forgive one another for inflicted insults.

Christmas is preceded by a 40-day fast, and on the day of the holiday, the feast table is rich. In the homes of Orthodox believers ‘česnica’ bread is made for Christmas and it is broken into as many parts as there are household members.

(Photo: P.Mucovic)

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