“Holocaust – Contemporary Lesson” Conference to take Place on Sunday

On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a session of BH Intellectuals ”Krug 99” will hold the “Holocaust – Contemporary Lesson” on Sunday at 11:00 o’clock at the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo.

Jakob Finci and prof.dr. Enis Omerović will speak at the conference.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day we remember those who were killed for the only crime of being born. We remember the systematic attempt by the Nazi regime and its allies to exterminate the Jewish people and other groups – based on their ethnicity, on their beliefs or on sexual orientations.

This day is about memory, and it is about action for our times. Liliana Segre – an Italian Senator for life and Holocaust survivor – recently said that the memory of the Shoah must help today’s Europeans “to reject the temptation of indifference towards the injustice that surrounds us, to remain vigilant, and to be more aware of everyone’s responsibility towards the other.

Remembrance is an individual and collective responsibility, particularly in times when antisemitism rises again, antisemitic conspiracy theories flourish again, and attacks against Jews and the memory of the Holocaust are way too common – inside and outside Europe.

So, more than ever, we have the duty to “remain vigilant” against all forms of racism and discrimination, old and new, to react and to act.

“Antisemitism – as well as all forms of racism – is an attack against the very foundations of our European Union: it is an attack against all of us.”

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