A Hollywood Actress will move to Sarajevo because of Trump’s Victory

5ac8c0f7a293d35d0486785f64d4d15bPresidential elections in the USA are over and the entire world is shocked by Donald Trump’s victory. Although the new president is being congratulated from all parts of the world, there are many of those who are bitter with his victory in the elections.

There are countless comments on social networks for and against Donald Trump and there are even some informal groups which want the secession of certain states from the USA because of his victory.

Interesting information is that the website of the Canadian immigration service kept crashing last night and according to certain media the result was precisely Trump’s victory, which „forced“ citizens of the USA to apply for citizenship in other countries.

Many famous persons announced that they will leave the USA if Trump wins. Among them is the famous Hollywood actress Meryl Streep, who stated that she will move to Sarajevo if Trump wins the elections. This information was confirmed by Danis Tanović in February upon his return from the prestigious 66th Berlinale Film Festival, where he won the Silver Bear Award for the film Death in Sarajevo.

Tanović said that Meryl Streep is delighted with his film and that she gave some great critique for the film, and he also said one sentence which is now completely relatable:

„People are only reading bad news, and it should be insisted on the good ones. There are good news, indeed. Clive Owen said that he will come to Sarajevo and Meryl Streep said that she will move here if Trump wins.“

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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