Holiday Atmosphere Yesterday in Sarajevo, the City was decorated with BH Flags

March 2, 2018 10:15 AM

The capital city of our country was decorated with flags of BiH on the occasion of the March 1, which is the Independence Day of BiH.

Yesterday, March 1, was a non-working day in the entire FBiH.

To recall, the citizens of BiH decided for the then Socialist Republic of BiH to secede from the SFRY. Before BiH, the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Croatia seceded from the SFRY as well.

Following the instructions of Radovan Karadzic and SDS, Serbs boycotted the referendum, while Bosniaks, Croats and other citizens voted for the secession of BiH.

It is important to emphasize that the referendum on the independence of the Republic of BiH was recognized as legitimate by the entire world, because the Constitution of the SFRY from 1974 stated that republics were allowed to secede in case that the equality of one of them was put into question.

The Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina was renamed in Bosnia and Herzegovina in April 1992, and it was accepted into the UN in May of that same year.



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