AS Holding is on the Road to Success; People are our strongest Resource

January 2, 2018 11:45 AM

Rusmir Hrvic is the head of AS Holding, the largest BH food industry that employs around 4,500 people. He talked about the business success of that company, the significance of moving to corporate management, plans for the upcoming year, and how it is possible for him to revitalize companies that others assessed as on their last legs.

You are making a progress and winning new production and new markets. You also increased the annual turnover from 200 million BAM to 270 million BAM in the previous year. Moreover, you employ people, extend and increase your production and your exports are recording an increase as well. What will be the results for this year?

We are hoping that the results for 2017 will be even better. I think that this will be the best year so far, with the highest revenues and the largest number of employees. We expect total revenues to amount to 300 million BAM, with around 4,500 employed people in all of our companies.

You have established AS Holding this year. Practically, this is the first time for you to introduce corporate management. What will this mean for your further business operations?

We decided to make s significant innovations, but this time in an entirely new field. We will remember last year by the introduction of corporate management. With the establishment of AS Holding, we have set goals and strategic commitments, created rules and processes, formed teams of experts, and started with the establishment of principles as well as mechanisms of corporate management. At this point, corporate management is applied to 15 members of AS Holding, with which was created a business system that is based on the idea of responsibility, interaction and upgrade, in which all brands fulfill their mission. I am satisfied with how things are happening. We have established AS Holding with the aim of developing an entirely new company with efficient corporate management mechanisms, in order to offer new value to our members and others, and to improve their business operation.

I can see a chance in what we do. Both for companies that are in our ownership, as well as in a new market of company management, funds and businesses in general. The novelty is that we are now in a position to share this kind of experiences with others. There are a lot of different companies, investors and domestic and foreign groups of companies that are looking for a good solution. We have proved that we have all of that in the last chapter of our growth and development.

What are next moves in your development?

Our next challenge is a strong AS Holding that is ready for all market matches. A holding that will benefit its members, the market as well as the state. AS Holding definitely represents a milestone in our 20-year plan for growth and development. Therefore, I think that we are just at the beginning. We managed to develop an important business system that deals with food production, trade and production in the textile industry in the period behind us. With AS Holding, we enter into the optimization of management processes with clear strategies of development.





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